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Despite all the best efforts, there’s no making that old carpet looks any better. It’s dirty or grubby; it no longer has that spongey, fluffy feel beneath the feet. The time has come for a new carpet, and who better to call than professional carpet installation, carpet replacement, and carpet laying services to do that job? Carpet laying and carpet installation are not cushy jobs to pull off on one’s own. They require a lot of precision and attention to detail. The slightest wrong measurement and one could ruin the whole thing. As such, trying to pull it off with a do-it-yourself approach is probably more stressful than its worth. Having professional carpet installation services to do it is a far wiser investment. Therefore, the article may serve as a customer guide to the sorts of things to expect from professional carpet installation, carpet replacement, and carpet laying services providers. It includes a detailed look at some of the more common services they provide, along with the extras where one could expect surcharges and added fees.



The best carpet installation services will get to know their customers. They will offer consultations and home inspections before quoting their clients a price. It should not only apply to the installation but for carpet replacement services too.

Before hiring, be sure to have researched the carpet installation company thoroughly. One should treat firms with little information or detail on their websites with caution.

Besides, when getting a quote, the customer should check does the carpet installation services company provides separate figures for labor and other expenses in the proposed bill.



When hiring any carpet installation services, it is best to know exactly what types of carpet installation services they can provide. Rather than the simple delivery and fitting, what else will the carpet laying services provider can do?



One should ensure doing the proper research beforehand, before assuming the carpet laying services provider. Carpet installation service companies in some rare cases of carpet replacement may remove the old floor covering without a fee – so be sure that all financial commitments are acknowledged.

If a carpet installation company provides the carpet replacement service, it should entail the uplift and removal of the pre-existing carpets or floor coverings. The eco-friendlier carpet installation companies will dispose of for recycling any flooring waste. Again, you must check before, are the disposal of service available as a part of the carpet replacement service.



Before any carpet installation services can take place, one should prepare the sub-floor. It’s an essential part of the process as it affects many factors in the carpet installation. These are things like the final appearance, that affect carpet long-lastingness. Therefore, proper sub-floor preparation should be a priority.

Fortunately, it’s not uncommon for carpet installation and carpet laying services to provide sub-floor preparation as part of their service. Before looking for an appropriate carpet installation service provider find out what type of sub-floor do you have, and what kind of floor covering is intended for installation. It is because there are a variety of sub-services for sub-floor preparation, each of which is better suited to a different type of sub-flooring.


  • Timber underlayment – An underlayment is a “middle layer,” sandwiched between the sub-floor and the carpet. How effective this is on the sub-floor depends on the material of the sub-floor itself. Proper timber underlayment is excellent before carrying out carpet installation services, as they will prevent squeaks in the future.
  • Scarifying – this is an old-fashioned method of sub-floor preparation these days. It is usually applicable to concrete sub-floors and, in most territories, has been replaced by grinding over the years. The noise and dust it creates make this method unpopular, but carpet installation services have been known to include it in sub-floor preparation service choices.
  • Diamond grinding – for getting the smooth finishes on quite old sub-floors, the diamond grinding method works best, especially if there is concrete sub-flooring. Using discs of varying aggression levels, it will score off any old paint or other materials from the sub-floor surface. It leaves a nice, clean surface, ready for the carpet laying services to be carried out.
  • Smoothing compounds – as they age, it is common for sub-floors to develop lumps and bumps. Some of the other methods already mentioned may not take care of these issues in a uniform manner required. Therefore, it’s best to apply a little smoothing compound. Only an ounce or so should do. There are several brands and strengths available; however, be sure to get one that suits the right type of sub-floor.


In carrying out carpet replacement services on upper floors, the carpet installer may discover issues with the floorboards underneath. If this is the case, the carpet laying services provider may provide floorboard repairs if they are skilled to do so, it is likely since flooring professionals often offer the carpet installation services.

For obvious safety reasons, if there are problems with floorboards that highlights for repair and the carpet installer cannot repair them themselves, then carpet installation must be delayed.

The most common issues experienced with floorboards are called “peaking” and “cupping.” The root of these issues is often a mistake that was made during the previous carpet installation. If not appropriately applied, adhesives can limit the floor’s natural expansion, causing it to rise to fit.

However, mostly the problems may occur due to excess or uneven moisture in the air. A variety of factors, such as the humidity levels of the rooms where the carpet will fit in, must be considered before providing the carpet laying services.

If a room has cupped or peaked floorboards, the carpet installation services providers before the new carpet installation must replace them.



Before the new carpet installation, furniture and appliances must be removed and replaced. It is wise to find out, does the carpet installation services provider offers that service.

Don’t think that “the furniture is going to have come out one way or another.” Some carpet installation service companies simply do not do this. It will be a nasty, unexpected circumstance if carpet installation services pros arrive but will not carry out the carpet laying services due to the disability to remove the furniture from the floor.



It will differ from the carpet installation company, but some services – the additions to the standard carpet installation or carpet replacement services will come at an additional cost.

For example, most customers will be thankful if the carpet laying services provider will dispose of from pre-existing carpet. However, for the carpet installers themselves, that more likely will cost money. Waste disposal costs and so on. Often carpet installation services providers will relay these costs as a surcharge to the customer. In many cases, it proves cheaper to use household waste removing service.

Furthermore, before the carpet installation services arrive, you must remove all furniture from the room. Not necessarily permanently. It’s not only for convenience purposes but also a form of courtesy. However, it is possible that a customer cannot perform that task for some reason. Then ask the carpet installer for help they should be able to do the job, but clients should expect to pay an additional fee.

Finally, be aware that the small carpet installation jobs are not always cheaper. In fact, they are often more expensive. Some carpet installation pros have a minimum rate, whether measured by room dimensions or by the time taken.